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August 27, 2009
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The Price of Peace by Cloister The Price of Peace by Cloister
This weeks effort is finally done. I reckon 3,5 days here.
It seems the King has some trouble keeping the kingdom safe from those dragons. Or perhaps he wants their aid in another effort. For me, this piece can be translated into symbolizing the sacrifices we all do to make a normal living in our modern society... beginning for some people with dragging themselves off to a school they never wanted. Some part of the self certainly has to go... but hopefully without harming others, or yourself to much.

In any case I prefer looking at fantasy art without translating it into symbols of meaning. So, here is another story for you, and dragons a plenty. Yes, there is even one very close to where we stand, letting it's fiery breath spill a little, in exhiliration of what's to come.

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I love the distance used in this picture
Hey :) Awesome Picture! Could i use it in my text based (non profit) RPG?
Cloister Jul 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
yes, if add credit.
MarieGrey Jan 19, 2011   Digital Artist
Manweri Nov 9, 2010  Student General Artist
This is just the kind of illustration I like: A well made fantasy world with interesing characters and lots of story. It is easy to use the imagination to think about what's going on, and what will happen next. It looks amazing, and I like how you used light in the foreground and background, but kept the space with the main characters in shadow. Their silhouettes become very clear that way. Lovely! :lol:
Very nice indeed. I love the layout of the work. :)
M0AI Aug 28, 2009  Student General Artist
Impressive, Cloister! Wonderful job on the characters, and on the mountainous landscape in the background. The fiery glow and smoky effects in the foreground work well, also.

I had a critique, but then realized that I was mistaken. You see, at first I was going to say that it looked like this party was simply warding off the dragon, rather than confronting it for battle. Then I did some reading and noticed the girl on the chain leash, and the story clicked into place. So, my initial interpretation of the characters' body language was correct. Perhaps, though, the girl could be enlarged and be made more of a focal point. Or do you prefer that this element of the story here remains more subtle, something not noticed immediately?
Simply wow,the concept is amazing,and the detail level is wonderful...gr8 job
Now, now. I know you're obsessed about polearms being wielded single handedly, but you need to stop. :B

Seriously, though: what's up with the elven chick? Is she the dragon's meal? Or worse, pet?
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